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  • Incorporation and history

    Rolfes is a well established name in South Africa and internationally. The business dates back to 1925 when the Rolfes family commenced business.

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  • Group product offering and divisional structure

    Rolfes strategically positioned itself in various markets, locally and internationally, as a provider of industrial, agricultural, water and mining chemicals.

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  • Directors

    The company's executive directors, the Chief Executive Officer and Financial Director, are based at First floor, the Oval Building (West), Wanderers Office Park, 52 Corlette Drive, Illovo, South Africa.

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The Rolfes Group manufactures, buys-in and distributes a wide range of market-leading, high-quality chemical products to more than 3000 clients operating in diverse industries including the coatings, plastics, ink, metallurgical, water filtration, water chemicals, water management, water purification, leather tanning, cleaning, formulators, automotive, engineering, agricultural and construction industries.

The Group also exports certain of its products to a large number of countries throughout the world. The Group will continue to pursue growth on both an organic and acquisition level. Companies with distinct technology assets and intellectual property, as well as appropriate barriers to entry are being considered as a prospect for acquisition.

High-Quality DemoChemical Products
    • Location

      First floor, the Oval Building (West), Wanderers Office Park
      52 Corlette Drive, Illovo, South Africa.

      Mon – Fri: 8AM – 5PM

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